Web Designers Christchurch

Web Designers Christchurch

We have affordable Christchurch Web Designers who can design you a beautiful website. We have proven website SEO strategies to put your company higher in Google rankings?

Beautiful Website Designs

Our Christchurch website designers have created two stunning WordPress demonstration sites!

Our Website Design Process

And we follow these three design principles:


Create a visually appealing layout that matches what people are searching for when looking for businesses like yours.


Make sure the information is easy to obtain for visitors and search engines.
Search Engine Optimization


Ensure simple navigation and mobile optimization.
See Mobile Optimization

Find out more about web design best practice:

10 best practice web design standards 

Why choose us as your SEO web design company?


We use the most advanced responsive and high performing systems and hosting platforms which means your website will always be a class above your competitors


Each of our team members understands what it takes to achieve websites that not only look good, and also appear more often in search results in your industry.


Our affordable prices are the best for small business. We won’t leave you high and dry with a website that does not rank. And we don’t charge for updates!


of people cited web design
as the reason they
mistrusted a website

Experienced Website Designers

Our experienced Christchurch web designers work on all areas of a client’s ALL in One Website Packages.  This allows us to deliver better overall digital marketing results.  We meet or report to our clients on a monthly basis, report on the results and next month goals.  So whether it’s tweets or tweaks, it happens here in one place!

Modern Web Designers Christchurch - Beautiful Responsive Website design

What you will get from our Christchurch Website Designers:

  • Crisp clean responsive web design that is easy to navigate
  • Our web designers create stunning images that can be used to navigate to your key pages
  • Mobile friendly websites that will look stunning and navigate efficiently on tablets, mobiles, laptops and desktops
  • SEO that is built into the infrastructure from the very beginning!

Our simple website design process

Design Optimisation

At Velocity Websites, we do things differently. We turn our passion for web design into results.  Our goal is to give attention to every detail of your website to ensure it is optimised to rank higher than your competitors.

Keyword Research

Research First! We start with the keyword research and a marketing analysis of your business offering, unique selling benefits and your unique information potential (what you can share on your site that could be of interest to people in your target market) and a competitive analysis.  It is basic marketing, with added SEO to turn it into an optimized Website Design and Social Media Marketing Strategy.

  • Consult with an expert

    Speak with one of our experts to help understand your business, research your competition, bring your website design to life

  • Get draft design and give feedback

    Work with our professional designers to finalise help finalise its key content and look.

  • Approval & Launch

    Sign off on your changes and go live with your new website.

Designing Landing Pages

Landing pages can be the first point that traffic lands on your website. By making sure your landing pages are optimised for your industry search terms, you can save on future advertising costs for all of your product lines and service offerings.

Graphic Design and Media

An excellent way to engage potential clients is with the use of graphics throughout a web page. We can do everything from infographics to custom call to actions (CTA’s) in order to attract and convert as many visitors as possible. Our goal is always to improve engagement through targeted SEO and by using unique graphics where ever possible without slowing page speeds.

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Our All in One Web Marketing Packages

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Our website designer’s FREE offer

Affordable Web Development Packages – Driven by Results. At Velocity, we are passionate about optimised web design and digital marketing. We are driven by every online marketing practice that can result in quality traffic coming to our your website.


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