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WordPress Web Design Jobs in Christchurch

Do you have skills in web design, development or SEO?

We are looking for people with good skills and  great attention to detail.  Work will be on a subcontracting project by project basis.

We are a growing Website & Digital Marketing. Looking for web designers who can use common WordPress Pro Themes and converse with customers.

We are experiencing rapid growth in clients, and we need to bring aboard fresh, energetic people who have excellent communication skills and an eye for design. You will be given leads and trained in the way we work with clients.

This would suit a freelancer looking for more work or someone looking to break into business and need a little bit of help and mentoring.

• You will have access to Pro Tools for making the latest and best-performing websites.
• You will be backed up by an SEO team that will help ensure that your website will perform, which will keep your client happy. You will get an ongoing trail from each site. (Note we are also looking for SEO's - Digital Marketers to train)
• You will get 50-90% of the design fee charged for the website. Depending on experience, copywriting skills. i.e. how much of the work you do on the final product.
• You might also be part of a collaboration project.
• You are free to do freelance work under your own name outside of the work you do for us
• Your site will be hosted on the best servers and will load fast.
• You can bring your existing clients and have their websites boosted with features and tools.
• You will get velocity business cards, emails and marketing material
• No coding required
• Full training available
• You will have a meeting room(online booking system) in the city where you can meet clients or hold teleconferences.
• You will be able to share ideas and design templates with other designers.
• You can work your own hours, all from home or our city location, or a combination of both.
• You also will get a chance to do digital marketing with your client using our cutting edge tools

Experience. You need excellent communication skills. You need to interact and interpret what clients want as well as the ability to explain what we do with confidence. If you are not confident at that, then we can have you do process-driven jobs(with some creative elements) where you get briefed by one of our team on what you need to do to complete a website.
Ideally, we would love someone who has excellent copywriting skills, although it is not a requirement.

Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa.

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SEO Apprentice/Internship

Christchurch based position for someone fast computer skills, bright and keen to learn.  You will need good written skills and be able to understand and adjust website content that is both good for visitors and the search engines.

  • You will be paid on a project by project basis.
  • You will receive excellent training in how to outrank competitors
  • You will have access to some of the best tools in the marketplace

Web Design Partners

Are you looking for associates for cross promotions?

We are also looking to partner or promote businesses that would complement our service.  We would optimise your own website as well as cross promoting your services on our website.

  • Graphic Designers
  • Content Producers
  • Video Marketers
  • Digital Display Companies
  • Sign Companies
  • Marketing companies
  • Business Advisors