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4 Services in One Affordable SEO Packages!

We combined Web design, SEO, Web Marketing and Reporting. into one of our affordable SEO packages that get results for small businesses in Christchurch and New Zealand faster!

Affordable Web design packages Christchurch


Have a beautiful, mobile-friendly SEO website created or re-made from your existing one.

Web Design Package

  • Modern – Stylish – Fast – Affordable
  • Desktop & mobile friendly website designs
  • Designed by SEO specialists
  • Specialist Web Designers
  • Web Development & Hosting
  • Up to 20 pages 
  • Free domain name registration (1yr) 
  • Free email address to match domain 

Affordable SEO Packages Christchurch


Search Engine Opimisation Package

Optimized for maximum online visibility, traffic & conversion

  • Keyword optimisation, monitoring & Competitive Analysis
  • Local SEO optimization services
  • Listings with 20 relevant local directories & industry sites.
    •  (See SEO  &  Top Online Directories >)
    • Citations & Schema Mark up
    • Link Building Strategies
    • Google Plus, Business & Maps Accounts
  • Audited by a Local Search Engine Optimization Specialist
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You cant ignore organic SEO marketing when 80% of users ignore the paid ads and only focusing on the organic results

Affordable SEO for small business.
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Affordable Social Media Marketing Packages Christchurch
Social Media Accounts and posts included!


Social Media and Digital Marketing Package


  • 4 Social Media Accounts Created for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus
  • On-site blog
  • Social Media business pages created linked & optimized
  • Strategy for Content Marketing developed
  • Ongoing, optimized Social Media posts
Capture user data for marketing campaigns & promotions
  • Form Fillers & Autoresponders for mailing lists, promotions & newsletters
  • Collection of user data/lists
  • In cloud storage via shared Google Apps and Mail-Chimp accounts
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Google Analytics Specialists Christchurch


Receive Monthly Results – Measure SEO Results


  • Monthly Google Analytics report on all traffic sources and conversions
  • Search, Referral, Direct, PPC & Social Media
  • Google Analytics
  • Keyword reports
  • Moz Pro Reports – SEO ranking reports

SEO Package – Prices

  • Web Marketing

  • Internet Marketing 

  • Online Marketing

  • Connector.

    Our All-in-One Packages

    Start at just $29/month (hosting & site admin)

  • Connector.

    One time web design set up

    Start at just $1495 Web Design & Development cost

  • Connector.

    SEO (Web, Internet & Online Marketing )- from 20 Cents (Cost Per Unique/New Visitor)

    New/Unique Visitor
    e.g. 100 new/unique website visitors per week could cost $20 per week.

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