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3 Keys to Successful SEO for Small Business

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What is required to run an effective search engine optimization program?

Three key components for an Search Engine Marketing & optimization program

Best practice keyword targeting


First be found

You want to be found on as many of your target markets most popular searches as possible.  If the content in your site does not match these search terms you will not be found, no matter how good your site looks to you - it MUST also look good to search engines.

We research hundreds of search terms that are relevant to your industry.  This research forms the basis of the content structure and how we will write & code the meta-data into your site - see 200 factors Google uses to rank your website 

VIDEO | Best practice SEO - Keyword targeting - MOZ


Content is king
Relevant, useful and organised content

Your rank for a keyword comes from good SEO structured content.  But unless your content is relevant, useful and organised, your visitors won't have a good experience on your website. Google notices this and moves you up or down based on what people do on your site.

So good content - matching your relevant content with popular search terms is KING

We will help you develop great content. Content that keeps customers engaged & search engines will love. 

3 Target multiple channels

Social Media, Online Directories, PPC, Offline

There are more ways to get traffic than search alone, and the channels below can actually help your ranking!

  • Social Media Marketing: Get your content and profile out in social media with links back to your website  -see social media optimization 
  • Backlinks & deep links from social media marketing posts and updates

See MOZ - Link Building vs Content Marketing

  • Local NZ Directory Sites 
  • Video Marketing - Creating engaging videos to help explain your products and to tell the story behind your business. These videos can also yield entertainment value.
  • Public Relations: Building relationships with journalists to gain media visibility. Also connect with top bloggers in your industry to contribute thoughts and content on behalf of your business.
  • Industry specific directories (e.g. Back-links from relevant websites in your industry)
  • Sponsored Messages e.g. Facebook or linkedIn promoted posts
  • On-line advertising - Pay Per Click (PPC) e.g. Google Ad-words 
  • Printed Materials: Your domain printed prominently on Business cards, stationary, emails
  • Offline promotions and advertisements where your domain is prominent
  • Apps with links back to you website
  • Syndicated Blogs on your website
  • Email Lists: A great way to get traffic is by going back to existing customers with emails

Working all acquisition channels (outside of search) tells Google's algorithm that you really are an expert in your field.  If undertaken correctly it will result in a boost in your search rankings and genuine quality traffic at the same time.  It’s a double win

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Want to do even more research on SEO? 

These are two of the best sites to read to get an appreciation of how search engines work and how you should be approaching SEO for your businesses website.

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