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Why do great looking websites often have poor search engine rankings?

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  1. Firstly, to have great rankings requires more than an aesthetically  pleasing web design  – it also requires on page optimization, social mentions, quality links, citations, up to date content and a lot more! These can be difficult to achieve and hard to maintain.
  2. Secondly,  while Point 1 is hard to achieve and maintain it has become increasingly easy and less expensive for Web Designers to build good looking designs quickly using lots of slick graphics.
    The problem with doing this is they don’t give you a lot of opportunities to optimise your content, they can be slow to load and often they don’t cater for a large number of information hungry people each looking for something slightly different piece information.

What’s the solution?

It’s different in every case, but you need a good balance of search engine crawlable textual content, displayed  in a way that is both engaging & meaningful to users. Text that also ranks well on the high-converting search terms that people in your target market are searching for & social media marketing related to the same landing page and message. (see 3 key components of effective Search Engine Optimization & Top 10 Best Practice SEO & Web Design 2016).

To build a truly great web design for SEO, it is going to take a lot of strategic planning, skill and ongoing work to obtain search engine rankings and maintain them consistently.  There aren’t too many shortcuts these days.  If there were, your competitors would probably be using them too.  But, chances are they are struggling with these same issues you are having!  You can look at this as an opportunity to out-compete them the same way you do offline by adding more value to you customers online  experience or equaling their content, but in a more effective way, by using smarter SEO techniques and complimentary social media strategies.

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